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Some Tabor House titles are now available on Amazon, which makes them readily available all over the world. Search Amazon for the following titles to purchase them using your Amazon account.
     Fuel for the Launch: A book to help parents work with their children as they prepare for the world of work.
     Life in the Spirit Seminar for Children: A book to help parents share the cahrismatic life with their children.
Heaven's Light--Music CD
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A music CD recorded by members of Saint Paul's Outreach. $15
Songs: Heaven's Light, Hail the Great I Am, To the King of Ages, To Whom Shall We Go, I Have Decided, Psalm 96, How Great Thou Art, Te Deum, Mighty is Our God, From Heaven's Light Remix.
Into His Marvelous Light--Music CD
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A music CD recorded by members of University Christian Outreach in Grand Rapids, Michigan. $10.00
Traditional hymns: Doxology, Battle Hymn of the Republic, Rock of Ages, When I survey the Wonderous Cross, Amazing Grace, All Praise to You My God this Night, What Wonderous Love is This, Where We'll Never Grow Old, and Lord If You Will.
A New Book by Robert Beard M.S.
Fuel for the Launch Add to Cart

By Robert Beard MS, 54 pages, $4.00
Fuel for the Launch is designed to help parents and children in the Sword of the Spirit work together to maximize the possibility of a successful launch into the world of work as a mature disciple of Jesus Christ. Robert (Bob) Beard is a former coordinator in the Work of Christ. He currently serves as a Missionary Coordinator in the North American Region. Bob's career was spent as a vocational counselor and consultant for Michigan State University and the State of Michigan. Bob was asked by the region to write this book addressing this important topic.
A New Book by Mark Whitters
Memoirs of an Unfinished Tale Add to Cart

By Mark Whitters, 175 pages, $21.00
Retelling the book of Acts. This is a fresh way of presenting the Bible, a method based on a rapidly growing movement called "reacting." It is in line with more traditional ways of understanding scripture. Not unlike a play, it requires imaginative performance to both entertain and provoke the reader to react.
Mark Whitters is a senior lecturer with a post in Jewish Studies at Eastern Michigan University. He is a member of the Servants of the Word.
Back in stock!
Training in Excellence Add to Cart

By Don Schwager, 131 pages, $10.00
How godly character froms strong, mature men and women and strengthens the building of communities for generations to come.
Don Schwager is a member of the Servants of the Word, the editor of Living Bulwark online magazine [], the author of Daily Bible Meditations [], and the author of Servants of Jesus Christ (available below).
A New Book by Stephen B. Clark
The Old Testament in the Light of the New Add to Cart
By Stephen Clark, 551 pages, $19.00 (a substantial discount from the list price of $24.95)
While the Old Testament is directed at the people of Israel, it also bears great significance for Christians who can see in Old Testament writings the gradual phases of God's plan of salvation. Stephen Clark provides a comprehensive presentation of how and why the Old Testament forms part of the Christian Bible, and helps readers to read the Old Testament in light of the New.
Stephen Clark is the former president of The Sword of the Spirit and the founder of The Servants of the Word, and international brotherhood of celibate men.
An electronic version of this book is also available, but not from Tabor House.
To purchase the e-book version, click HERE.
Come Let Us Magnify the Lord
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86 songs, 108 pages, $15.00
A collection of 86 songs written by members of the Sword of the Spirit--songs that have taken root in our communities and outreaches. Words, music notation and guitar chords. See list of songs HERE. Double-wire bound so book lays flat on music stand. See features HERE. An important (and legal) resource for communities, prayer groups, households, and individuals. A thoughtful gift for the musicians in your life.
Life in the Spirit Seminars -- 2-disk Video DVD Add to Cart

The seven talks of the Life in the Spirit Seminar on 2 DVD-R, $10.00
A wonderful new resource for giving the Life in the Spirit Seminar -- especially to small groups. The seven talks of the Life in the Spirit Seminar, given by several different speakers--speakers are Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox Christians. The DVDs play on machines that play DVD-R format (some very old players do not play this format).
The book immediately below, Life in the Holy Spirit, provides the same talks written out -- and daily Bible readings for those in the seminar. A great companion to the DVDs.
Life in the Holy Spirit Add to Cart
By Jerry Munk, 78 pages, $5.50
The Life in the Spirit Seminars has been a powerful tool for helping people come into a more tangible and personal experience of the Holy Spirit. Life in the Holy Spirit is based on the Life in the Spirit Seminars, but is geared for very small groups: one or two people working with a mentor inthe context of a community of Spirit-filled Christians.

Praise the Lord All Nations -- Music CD Add to Cart

A music CD by Joseph Mathias and friends, $12.00
Joseph Matthias of the Servants of the Word has, together with some friends, produced a CD of some of his worship songs. Enjoy listening to them, but even more, may they lead you to pray!
1. The Light Shines in the Darkness, 2. Praise the Lord, All Nations,  3. I Will Give Thanks, 4. O the Depth of the Riches, 5. For the Lord, He Reigns, 6. He Is Lord of All Creation, 7. Living Sacrifice, 8. All the Ends of the Earth, 9. Your Glorious Grace, 10. All Nature Is Travailing, 11. Let Us Hope, 12. Psalm 117.

Family Worship Add to Cart
Guide to prayer and celebration that your family will use throughout the year.
pages, double-wire bound, $10.00

●  A format for daily prayer with a Psalm sequence throughout the year.
●  A Lord's Day Celebration with prayers to open the day Saturday evening and close the day on Sunday.
●  Prayers and celebrations for major feasts, including a Christian Passover service.
●  A new printing, simplified format, double-wire bound for lay-flat convenience and durability.
From Here to Maturity Add to Cart
Overcoming the Juvenilization of American Christianity
By Thomas Bergler. 175 pages, $15.00

An  accessible guide to help individuals and Christian communities to grow spiritually. "This book explains what spiritual maturity is, why we should pursue it, and how we can reach it. Readers are treated to a compelling vision of what mature Christian discipleship looks like, and given practical means to implement that vision in real life." (from a review by Dan Keating)
Charismatic Worship (set of 30 booklets)  Add to Cart
By Rick Comstock and Debbie Putnam. 21 pages, 4.25 X 5.5" booklet, 30 booklets for $10.00
A little booklet that answers common questions about charismatic worship and why someone should ask for the gift of tongues. Priced so they can be given away to guests--just 33 cents each.. Also a helpful resource for Life in the Spirit Seminars.
Proclaim with Wonders Add to Cart
By Fr. John Rea. 167 pages, $12.00
Father John Rea, a Marist Catholic priest in New Zealand for almost 60 years, has had a powerful teaching and prayer for healing ministry in the Pacific Islands, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, the USA, Europe, and Australia--in both Catholic and ecumenical settings. This book deals with healing and miracles in the service of evangelization. It tells the story of how the author has integrated charismatic gifts with a preaching ministry. Proclaim with Wonders recounts more than 100 stories of healings the author has witnessed first hand. Fr. Rea is a member of the Lamb of God, a Sword of the Spirit Community in New Zealand.
Alive Add to Cart
By Paul Jordan, 35 pages, $5.00

Paul Jordan takes a long, hard look at the picture on the cover of this booklet, and in doing so takes a long, hard look at the person of Jesus Christ. It was created as an evangelistic booklet--to help men and women come into an initial relationship with Christ or to deepen an existing relationship with Him. Buy to use in your community outreach!
Approach to Courtship: A Handbook for Pastoral Workers Add to Cart
Sword of the Spirit-North American Region, 44 pages, $5.50 (New size: 8
In the Sword of the Spirit, we consider it important to have a way of helping our single members prepare for and enter into marriage. We have developed an approach to courtship and marriage that we believe is consistent with Christian teaching and is adaptable to Western culture. This handbook contains sound wisdom that has been tested over 30 plus years in our communities. It was developed as a tool to help our pastoral workers as they work with young men and women before and during the courtship process, but it can be of benefit to any committed Christian.

Baptized in the Spirit  
This book is no longer available from Tabor House. You can purchase it on Amazon. See link below.
Amazon: Baptized in the Spirit by Stephen Clark
Becoming Transgenerational and Kairos--for such a Time as This Add to Cart
By Jerry Munk and Mike Shaughnessy, 52 pages, $5.50
Transgenerational: Can (and should) members of the Sword of the Spirit try to pass the gift of christian community from one generation to the next? A frank discussion of what works and what does not.
Kairos: The Kairos director for North America outlines the history, goals, and vision for Kairos, the Sword of the Spirit's outreach to youth and young adults.
Building a Household Add to Cart
By Kairos Europe, 55 pages, $10.00
Practical and helpful information, based on real-life experience, about building a single men's or single women's household in the Sword of the Spirit. Essential reading for anyone hoping to establish or live in a community household. Contributors: Paul and Noemi Jordan, Joni Rogge, Sam Geleyn, Annie Perrem, James Munk, Stephanie fitton, and Tadhg Lynch.
Building Christian Communities Add to Cart
By Stephen Clark, 156 pages, $10.00
First published in 1972 and revised in 1996, this classic work is once again in print. The author proposes a comprehensive strategy for recentering Jesus Christ in the Church and building up His body by means of building Christian communities. Provides an essential historical background for Sword of the spirit communities.

Catholics and the Eucharist: A Scriptural Introduction Add to Cart
By Stephen Clark. 273 pages, $12.00
Stephen Clark’s work on the Eucharist is an important attempt to recover the scriptural understanding of the rite. It is respectful of Catholic traditions, while suggesting ways of enabling the Biblical meaning to become more central. It is one of the most important liturgical works of recent years. (James Hitchcock)

Charismatic Spirituality Add to Cart
By Stephen B. Clark, 136 pages, $11.00

Steve Clark uses scripture and his years of pastoral experience to describe how the Holy Spirit operates in the church and the individual to redeem humanity and renew God's people. He provides practical help, carefully guiding readers to an understanding of the reality of the Holy Spirit and to an appreciation of what the action and the power of the Spirit can mean in the life of the individual Christian.

Child-Centered Parenting and Family Life Add to Cart
By Paul Dinolfo, 17 pages, $2.50

This booklet casts light on the problems that develop when parents and family become overly absorbed in the activities of the children--when sports academics, talent, popularity and proximate happiness take center stage and Christian character and family life receive inadequate time and attention. Especially valuable for families living in Christian community.
Community Membership Add to Cart
12 pages, 5 booklets for $
A booklet designed for members of the Sword of the Spirit. It contains six documents that help to define and organize our lives and our life together: Our Call, The Core Community Covenant, Our Spirituality, Our Daily Life Ideal, Elements of Good Membership, and What We Stand and Work for. This booklet is referenced often in the community course Our Way of Life, and should be in the library of every member of the Sword of the Spirit.
(A) Concise Catholic Catechism
By Michael Shaughnessy, 156 pages, $7.00 Add to Cart
A much shorter version of the Catechism of the Catholic Church--in simple language with technical terms explained for the lay reader. This book is a handy reference for personal use and can serve as a helpful tool for parents who seek to instruct their children in the faith.

Courtship: A Christian Approach Add to Cart
By Paul C. Dinolfo, 32 pages, $4.00
A Christian approach to choosing a spouse that had been proven effective in many different nations and cultures for over 25 years. The apostle Paul instructs young people to approach courtship in holiness and honor...not like the heathen who do not know God. It is possible to do just this and the result is stronger and more stable marriage. A must read!

Covenant Community & Church Add to Cart
By Stephen Clark. 81 pages, $5.00
How should covenant communities be related to the Catholic Church? What kind of relationship should a community have with its local bishop? These and other issues are examined in a thoughtful way. A selection of Catholic documents relating to the charismatic renewal, covenant communities, and ecumenical relationships are included.

(A) Grief Unveiled--Fifteen Years Later Add to Cart
By Gregory Floyd, 250 pages, $15.00
A classic work, newly updated after fifteen years--including content from the Floyd children. "A precise, intense reflection on the startling death of a six-year-old son. Over months, even years, Gregory Floyd ascends through the cold, bitter stages of grief--his wife's, his children's, his. Floyd's experience will ease many hearts still speechless with loss." (From a review by Michael Novak.) Gregory Floyd is the senior coordinator of the People of Hope, a Sword of the Spirit community in New Jersey
Groceries on a Saturday Morning Add to Cart
By Joanne Beckman, 166 pages, $14.00
A fine and affecting collection of memoir-like essays. Beckman ponders the biggest and smallest moments of life and the unspoken assumptions we make about God. Groceries on a Saturday Morning is a winner of the Illumination Book Award. Joanne Beckman is a member of the Word of Life Community in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  Growing in Faith and Knowing God's Will Add to Cart
By Stephen Clark, 82 pages, $5.50
These two books, first published in 1972 and 1974, are combined in this edition. Faith is not just a gift we receive at the beginning of our Christian life. Whenever we want to see God act we need faith. God has a plan for our life, but how do we know what He wants us to do? Especially helpful for new Christians, but all will benefit.
How to Be Ecumenical Today Add to Cart
By Stephen Clark, Mark Kinzer, and Mike Shaughnessy, 100 pages, $5.00
Four articles: Orthodox, Protestants, Roman Catholics: What Basis for Cooperation, by Steve Clark; Convergent Ecumenism: Strategy for Hope, by Steve Clark; Cooperative Ecumenism: Being Different Without Being Distant, by Mark Kinzer; Challenges of an Ecumenical Community, by Mike Shaughnessy. Also, three important documents: Evangelicals and Catholics Together, Common Declaration of Pope John Paul II and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, and
Pope John Paul II and Cooperative Ecumenism.
  I Was Never Alone Add to Cart
By Bill Brown. 136 pages, $7.00
Bill Brown, former senior coordinator of La Nueva Jerusalen Community in Miami, Florida, shares his life story. A thoughtful and faith-filled biography. "He takes Christ's call and service so seriously that he is ready to offer his life for them, yet he looks at his life achievements as if they were not his own." (Review by Jean Barbara, president of the Sword of the Spirit.)
(The) Juvenilization of American Christianity Add to Cart
By Dr. Tom Bergler 281 pages, $17.00
Tom Bergler has worked with college people in the Sword of the Spirit for more than 20 years. He is also professor of ministry and missions at Huntington University. The book traces the ways youth ministries have breathed new vitality into the American church. It also shows how this "juvenilization" has led to widespread spiritual immaturity, consumerism, and self-centeredness--a feel-good faith with neither intergenerational community nor theological literacy.
Life in the Spirit Seminar for Children Add to Cart
By Jerry Munk, 75 pages, $5.50

A book designed for parents to read aloud and discuss with their children. It closely follows the outline of the Life in the Spirit Seminar, but presents the material in child-sized servings. The goal of the book is to bring community children more fully into the charismatic life of our communities. “You will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. This promise is for you. It is also for your children(Acts 2:38&39 ICB) Click here to read the introduction to the book (Microsoft Word file).

Also available from Amazon: CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE ON AMAZON
Life in the Spirit Seminars Team Manual: Ecumenical Edition Add to Cart
151 pages, $10.00
The Charismatic Renewal brings a vibrant experience of the Holy Spirit to millions of Christians world wide. Central to this movement is the Life in the Spirit Seminars. This team manual provides step-by-step instructions for the seminars: how to set up the team, how to have discussion group, how to follow up with participants during and after the seminars. The manual includes detailed outlines for each talk and helpful instructions for the speaker. It was first published in 1973 and revised in 1979. This Ecumenical Version was written for use in all Christian traditions.

  Life in the Spirit Seminars Team Manual: Catholic Edition Add to Cart
160 pages, $10.00
The Charismatic Renewal brings a vibrant experience of the Holy Spirit to millions of Christians world wide. Central to this movement is the Life in the Spirit Seminars. This team manual provides step-by-step instructions for the seminars: how to set up the team, how to have discussion group, how to follow up with participants during and after the seminars. The manual includes detailed outlines for each talk and helpful instructions for the speaker. It was first published in 1979. This Catholic Edition was written for use Roman Catholic situations. (The ecumenical edition of this book can be purchased above.)

(A) Lily Among Thorns: The Qualities of a Christian Woman Add to Cart
46 pages, $5.00
This helpful booklet was written by a team of women. It examines qualities exemplified by women of the Bible and others. Qualities examined are: confidence, faith, courage, faithfulness, wisdom, humility, submission/faithfulness, joy/contentment, hope, obedience/strength/peace, gentle and quiet spirit, purity/self control, compassion, and love. Short essays on each quality are followed by a practical life application and a page for the reader’s reflections. Recommended for individual and small group use. 

Love Profound: Songs for Worship (songs by Ed Conlin) Add to Cart
110 pages, 8.5 X 11, spiral bound (so it lays flat), $13.00
Dozens of Ed Conlin's songs beautifully arranged for guitar, piano, and vocal. See the Table of Contents by clicking
HERE. A must have for community and outreach music groups. 
Man and Woman in Christ Add to Cart
An Examination of the Roles of Men and Women in Light of Scripture and the Social Sciences
By Stephen Clark, 584 pages (8 ½ X 11), $22.00
The 1980 classic is back in print!
This stunningly comprehensive combination of scriptural research with sociological, anthropological, and psychological data is, I believe, unprecedented (Fr. Richard John Neuhaus).
A scholarly, yet very readable and practical, presentation on an extremely important topic (Dr. James Dobson). Of all the multitude of books on this subject it is easily the best (Christianity Today).
(The) Mission of the Sword of the Spirit Add to Cart 
A Booklet for the Our Call Course.
By Steve Clark and Carlos Mantica, 36 pages, $3.00
The Sword of the Spirit is an international community of communities. In this booklet two prominent leaders of the Sword of the Spirit address the question of its call and mission--to be something and to do something. A companion booklet to the Our Call course.

(A) Pattern of Daily Personal Prayer Add to Cart 
12 pages, Sold in sets of three books for $5.50
The Sword of the Spirit is beginning a special teaching focus on daily personal prayer. This is the companion booklet for that series. It contains a suggested pattern of prayer and a sequence of Psalms and scripture readings for use in ones daily prayer.

Prayers for the Lord’s Day Add to Cart
6 pages, Sold in sets of five books for $6.00
This little booklet contains a set of prayers to set aside the Lord’s Day “in order to worship God and remember the eternal life to which He has called us.” The prayers accompany a festive meal on Saturday evening (in New Testament times the Lord’s Day was considered to have started after sundown on Saturday) and a closing prayer for Sunday evening. Numerous families have found this practice to strengthen their relationships with one another and with the Lord.

Prophecy: Revised Edition Add to Cart
By Bruce Yocum, 139 pages, $10.00

Drawing from scripture, the church fathers, and his own long-time involvement in the charismatic renewal, Bruce Yocum discusses the nature of prophecy and offers guidelines for discerning prophetic inspiration. In this revised edition, Mr. Yocum also addresses the ministry of the prophetic gifts in the charismatic renewal today. First published in 1976 and revised in 1993--a new printing in 2009.

Redeemer: Revised Edition Add to Cart
y Stephen Clark. 332 pages, $10.00
An overview of the meaning of Christ’s redeeming work.

“Stephen Clark’s rich and fascinating exposition of the most magnificent of all biblical themes is an outstanding achievement. Deep learning, deep Orthodoxy, and deep insight mark this book throughout. A devotional and ecumenical milestone.” (J.I Packer)

(The) Red Madonna Add to Cart
A novel by Michael Shaughnessy. 392 pages, $13.00
An examination of clergy sex-abuse scandal through the fictious account of Fr. Michael Reilly. The first of three (planned) books in a series. Michael Shaughnessy is a member of the Servants of the Word, an ecumenical brotherhood of celibate men in the Sword of the Spirit.
Rise Up O Men of God -- Music CD Add to Cart 
Music CD by members of The Servants of the Word, $8.50
13 songs performed by The Servants of the Word, an ecumenical, missionary brotherhood of celibate men in the Sword of the Spirit. This CD has been remastered from the 1980 recording.
Servants of Jesus Christ Add to Cart
By Don Schwager, 94 pages, $6.00
What can the New Testament teach us about the transforming power of Christ's love and the way of servanthood? This powerful book challenges Christian men and women to assume the same position that Jesus Christ assumed when He walked among us--that of a servant. For you were called to freedom, only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love be servants of one another. (Galatians 5:13)

Sing a New Song to the Lord -- Music CD Add to Cart
A music CD by The Servants of the Word, 13 songs, $10.00
The Servants of the Word is a missionary brotherhood of men from various Christian traditions living single for the Lord. An inspiring collection of music performed by the brothers.
(In) Spirit and Truth -- Music CD OUT OF STOCK
A music CD by members of the Sword of the Spirit, 16 songs, $11.00
The music on the CD was written, performed, and produced by members of the Sword of the Spirit throughout the North American Region--and it is fantastic: really, really fantastic. You may as well buy two or more, because as soon as you hear it, you will want more to give away--and copying is illegal. To listen to a short sample of each song, click on the title: (1) The River Flows (2) While We Still Breathe (3) By Your Steadfast Love (4) Join With Us (5) Open My Eyes (6) Sing to the Lord a New Song (7) Make Us Yours (8) Return O My Soul (9) Here is My Life (10) Holy is the One Who Saves (11) Glorious and Mighty (12) The House of God (13) All That is Good (14) Come Let Us Magnify the Lord (15) We Enter In (16) Lead Me Home
Strength Under Control Add to Cart
By John Keating 80 pages, $10.00
A book about Christian character, especially the Godly character traits of meekness and zeal. This book was originally published in 1981 and updated in 2011.
(The) Sword of the Spirit: Communities of Disciples on Mission Add to Cart
By Jerry Munk, 26 pages, $2.50
When people first encounter the Sword of the Spirit, they often have a number of questions. This booklet provides a good overview of the New Testament call for all Christians to live in a new society and one response to that call, The Sword of the Spirit. Especially helpful for guests and newcomers.

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